Foster families are needed to bridge the gap until a cat can find a forever home.

Since we are NOT a shelter and do not have space to house adoptable pets, we are limited in the pets that are available through Whiskers.

When we become aware of available pets, either through an owner or through neighboring charities, we post their information on our Facebook page for prospective adopters to see.

On the occasion that Whiskers is called to help in a rehoming situation; such as homeless or stray cats and kittens, foster families can be utilized to act as a bridge for the cat until a forever home can be found.

Cats and kittens that are brought into care through Whiskers that have no identification, (such as a collar with tags or microchip) and no owner can be located within 14 days will become property of the Whiskers TNR program.

If you are interested in fostering during such a situation, please email and our Foster Coordinator will be in contact with you. We will provide crates and all veterinary care we deem necessary. Whenever possible, we ask that foster providers furnish food, cat litter, etc.

Available for Adoption


Boots made his appearance at one of the volunteer’s homes. He was so hungry!! The vet treated him with fluids for dehydration, tested him for feline leukemia (negative), neutered, vaccinated, eartipped and microchipped him. He is currently with his foster family eating lots of food and getting lots of love!! If you are interested in meeting Boots, please send an email to
He did great for his photos, and many thanks to Anne and Brandon Burnett for your kindness and patience with this sweet fella!

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This boy is the definition of a lap cat!  He is always wanting to be held and loves the closeness of a companion.  Little Jeff (Jeff Healey) is blind and we are working hard to find him the perfect forever home.  If you are interested in meeting this sweet boy, please send an email to

He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.


See Penelope on our Facebook Page here!

Meet Pene (Penelope). May 3rd was her big day! She was spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and had her eye cosmetically repaired.
When she came to her foster family in April, the damage to her eye had already been done. After surgery her right eyelids were permanently closed.
This sweet girl had her last litter of kittens in March and is looking forward to living a life of luxury in her forever home. If you have room in your heart and home for her, please send an adoption inquiry to

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This last picture is of her before surgery.


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